Multi-Sensory Math Learning


TouchMath is a leading developer of content for teaching math to special ed students in the K-12 space. We enabled the client to make the leap to digital by developing an app to accelerate the learning process and involve multiple senses – including touch and visuals, by transforming the print content into digital content. 


The client was hindered by several problems which made it imperative to embrace digital, including: 

  • Traditional printed math learning materials can be challenging for special ed students to understand and engage with, leading to slower progress and lower motivation. 
  • Special ed students may benefit from more interactive and multi-sensory learning experiences to better understand mathematical concepts. 
  • Teachers may struggle to provide personalized and differentiated learning experiences for each special ed student in their classroom. 


The math learning app transforms traditional printed math learning materials into digital content that can be more interactive and engaging for special ed students. 

  • Multi-sensory learning: The app allows for multi-sensory learning by incorporating touch and visuals to enhance the learning experience for students. 
  • AI-based recommendation pathways: The app uses AI algorithms to personalize the learning pathway for each student based on their learning speed, ability, and interest. 
  • Automated problem generator: The app includes an automated problem generator that creates a continuous content stream for educators and students, providing them with an endless supply of practice problems to solve. 
  • Progress tracking: The app includes a progress tracker that allows students, educators, and parents to monitor the student’s learning progress and identify areas that need improvement. 
  • Interactive simulations: The app includes interactive simulations that help students visualize mathematical concepts, making it easier for them to understand and apply them. 
  • Collaborative learning: The app supports collaborative learning by allowing students to work together on problems, which fosters teamwork and encourages peer learning. 
  • Accessible on multiple devices: The app can be accessed on multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops, making it convenient for students to access the content anytime and anywhere. 
  • Parent-teacher communication: The app includes a feature that allows parents and teachers to communicate and collaborate on the student’s learning progress. 
  • Gamification: The app incorporates game elements such as rewards, badges, and levels to make learning more fun and engaging for students. 


Our app provided several benefits such as: 

  • Special ed students are more engaged and motivated to learn math, leading to faster progress and better retention of concepts. 
  • Teachers can provide personalized and differentiated learning experiences for each special ed student in their classroom, without having to create all of the content themselves. 
  • The app can improve accessibility for special ed students who may struggle with traditional printed materials. 
  • The automated problem generator creates a continuous stream of new content, reducing the workload for teachers and increasing the amount of practice material available for students. 


TouchMath Pro won the EdTech Award in 2023 for Best New Product or Service.




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