Streamlining Claims Processing

AI automates claims processing workflow for major U.S. pharmacy chain, resulted in greater accuracy, reduced labor costs, and turnaround times.

Modern Big Data Architecture

Migration from data warehouse to modern Big Data architecture improves scalability, agility & efficiency for global financial services company.

Hadoop Big Data Analytics

Big Data migration from Oracle to Hadoop results in significant cost savings, greater agility, and enhanced performance for FinTech company.

AI-Powered Stock Portfolio Management

Stock portfolio platform uses AI to analyze client goals alongside financial market data to offer personalized investment recommendations and reporting.

Digital Lending and Savings Platform

Digital lending & savings app uses big data, predictive analytics, and machine learning to democratize credit lending for underserved populations.

AI-Powered Digital Credit App

Big Data and AI-powered app processes real-time data for speedy loan applications and enhanced financial management for risk assessment.

SMEs with ML-Driven Online Platform

Machine learning model matches SMEs to relevant opportunities with buyers, sellers, talent, and funding through online networking platform.