Quantilus + Digital.ai: Advanced DevOps & Security Capabilities for Software Workflows

We are pleased to announce that Quantilus is now a partner of Digital.ai, a leading provider of enterprise-grade software development and delivery solutions. As an authorized partner, Quantilus can offer, integrate, and implement Digital.ai’s advanced DevOps and Security capabilities to ensure continuous delivery of our clients’ software. Whether you’re considering adding Digital.ai products to existing workflows or seeking to integrate as part of new software, Quantilus can help. We highly recommend that our current and new clients consider the following Digital.ai solutions.


Application Security

Perimeter-based security just doesn’t cut it anymore. With the rise in remote work and the prevalence of mobile and web-based applications, the need for application security has never been more critical. Our partnership with Digital.ai provides a solution that doesn’t rely on traditional perimeter-based security measures but instead embeds security capabilities directly into your applications to prevent and detect attacks such as tampering and reverse engineering. This solution will enable you to safely accelerate your efforts to reach consumers and employees digitally, integrating security into your CI/CD lifecycle. Application Security is a “one-stop shop” for app protection for web, mobile, and desktop apps across all verticals and a wide breadth of development languages and operating systems.


Learn more about the features and benefits of Digital.ai’s Application Security product. 

As organizations continue to adopt DevOps practices and toolchains, the importance of automating and streamlining the software release process has become more critical than ever before. Quantilus believes that the Digital.ai suite of products can help your organization achieve faster, more secure, and reliable deployments while automating governance and streamlining the DevOps pipeline. 


Digital.ai Release is a market-leading continuous delivery, release management, and orchestration solution that enables teams to collaborate, automate governance, and eliminate bottlenecks across development processes. It connects the dots between your teams, processes, and tools to create an integrated release flow across all your application environments. The solution is suited for teams with simple or complex, technical or non-technical tasks, and a combination of all of these. By using this solution, you can automate manual tasks to help accelerate your delivery process and reduce risks, manage dependencies within and across multiple release pipelines, and ensure compliance and consistency across your organization. 


Learn more about the features and benefits of Digital.ai’s Release Product


Digital.ai Deploy is a model-based, agentless deployment automation product that enables organizations to achieve fast, secure, and reliable deployments to multiple environments, including containers, private and public clouds, middleware, and mainframe. By automating manual tasks, Digital.ai Deploy can accelerate your delivery process, reduce risks, and increase the speed, reliability, and scalability of application changes to multiple environments. Additionally, developers can spin new environments with governance and easily roll back if a deployment failure happens, preventing costly downtime. 


Learn more about the features and benefits of Digital.ai’s Deploy Product

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