Using Your Personality Self-Assessment Results to Inform Your Job Search

Can we live in a world where everyone is passionate about their job? It is possible, if we find jobs that are well aligned with our personalities—the behaviors and values that make up who we are.


Over the course of your job search, you may be asked to complete a personality assessment to be considered for a role. By taking Appliqant’s Personality Self-Assessment, you will see the same report recruiters receive when reviewing your application.


Take the personality self-assessment here and, once you have your results, continue reading to see how those results can help you land your dream job.


Understanding yourself


More information is always better; by having more information about yourself, your motivations, and your patterns of thinking, you have the opportunity to understand and change yourself in a new way.


Appliqant’s personality self-assessment gives you insights on more than 15 personality traits. These traits, such as extraversion, agreeableness, intuition, perception, and narcissism, give you a complete picture of your personality. This is a tool to help you refine and grow; use this information to better prepare for your next interview and guide you in your next steps personally, financially, and professionally.


Ideal career choices


Your report will include a brief list of up to 12 career choices that are a great fit for your personality type. These could include teacher, writer, musician, social worker, CEO, professor, and more.


By taking the time for introspection to understand your results, you will be able to better understand your fit for a particular position or team. This is also known as your cultural fit, and can be one of the most important determining factors in whether you’ll be successful in your position. (A recent study by the University of South Carolina indicates a bad personality fit is the #1 reason for a failed C-suite executive search.)


This isn’t set in stone


If you take the test tomorrow, it will likely be slightly different than today. Your results are based largely on your thoughts and emotions at that time; you may be thinking in more of a business mindset one day, while the other you’re thinking more about your family when responding to the questions. This can make a difference!


Further, if you don’t agree with your results, you can take actions to change them. Awareness is one of the first steps of the change process. Seeing the results of this assessment can help you change the thought processes and patterns engrained in your brain.


Focus on preparing for your next interview


Not happy with your results? You’ve taken a great first step by taking Appliqant’s personality self-assessment, giving you access to the same information recruiters are using to make their hiring decisions.


If there are factors you would like to change, think about them in a different light the next time you take the interview. Perhaps you were thinking about a specific situation instead of the general answer to some of the questions.


Now that you’ve gone through the assessment, you know what the experience will be like when the real interview comes around. Think about the questions that were sticking points for you, and take time to reflect and prepare for your next interview.


Wrapping Up


There is speculation about the role of personality testing in the hiring process. Personality tests are not an indicator of how well you will perform in a position; surely, countless people succeed in fields not listed in their “ideal career choices” category every day. Find a position that calls to you and seems like the “perfect fit”—and if your personality aligns with the team’s culture, you will be much more likely to land that dream job!




Taking your personality self-assessment is an important step in your search for your next perfect job. Understanding yourself is key to finding an ideal fit in your next position. Take Appliqant’s Personality Self-Assessment today and visit the Appliqant jobsite to find your dream job.



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