What Is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

An organization’s productivity is directly related to employee health, as well as other factors that impact employees inside and outside of the workplace. Therefore, companies that wish to operate at peak performance need methods to help employees with their issues, conflicts, and dilemmas.


An employee assistance program (EAP) is one measure that helps employers support employees, while increasing an organization’s productivity. Furthermore, an EAP is a great addition to a company’s benefits package, as it communicates to employees that their employer cares about their wellbeing.


Defining an EAP

An employee assistance program (EAP) is a confidential counseling service employers provide to their employees. An EAP offers support to employees in various areas of their lives to improve their work performance. Since work productivity is influenced by personal factors, such as mental health, family issues, and workplace conflicts, EAP services can help employees determine solutions and cope with these issues healthily and efficiently.


How Does an EAP Work?

EAP services are employer-sponsored plans that benefit their employees and their immediate families in certain instances. EAPs utilize a network of partners that offer legal aid, childcare, mental health, and fitness services. While an EAP is not health insurance, it can be utilized alongside insurance to provide holistic benefits to employees.


There are several different ways to offer EAPs. They are:

  • Fixed-Fee Contracts: A fixed-fee plan is where the employer is charged a set rate from the EAP providers. The rate depends on a company’s employee headcount.
  • Mixed-Model Program: These models are set up in collaboration with unions to provide services to employees based on their needs.
  • Management Sponsored EAP Services: More appropriate for larger organizations, in-house staff manage and provide the EAP services.


What Does an EAP Include?

There are multiple areas covered by EAPs that support employees and ensure their welfare. Some of these include:

  • Family Services: Domestic violence, divorce, life-changing transitions, loss, etc., can all impact employee productivity. Thus, EAPs help employees handle and process personal and family issues.
  • Mental Health Issues: Service providers under an EAP can help employees navigate anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. This includes counseling sessions, guidelines, treatment plans, tips on improving their mental health, and providing positive changes to their lives, both inside and outside the office.
  • Addiction Assessment and Treatments: Substance abuse, either affecting an employee or their immediate family member, can be detrimental to someone’s life and work. EAPs offer treatment options and recommendations for living an addiction-free life.
  • Legal Support: Another aspect of EAPs is legal counseling and support for various situations. These include child adoption, child custody, divorce, and other family matters.
  • Financial Counseling: Financial planning and management are confusing but essential. Accordingly, employees can consult the financial services department within an EAP. This department can help employees make informed decisions regarding their finances.
  • Professional Development: Covering workplace conflicts, burnout, leadership challenges, and upskilling, EAPs tackle situations that directly impact the professional well-being and development of the employees.
  • Physical Health Management: Employees often struggle with physical health issues, such as diabetes, obesity, nutritional disorders, etc. Therefore, a nutritionist or fitness expert under an EAP can guide employees to effectively manage these issues and form plans to improve their physical health.
  • Travel Assistance: When dealing with travel, EAPs can help employees manage travel. EAPs can help with transportation emergencies, arranging travel insurance, and other mobility issues related to inaccessibility or health issues.


Benefits of an EAP

When effectively employed, EAPs offer numerous benefits for employees, as well as for the organization. Some of these benefits include:

  • Increased Employee Engagement and Productivity: Countless factors impede productivity, such as stress, depression, family issues, financial problems, and addiction. Thus, dealing with these issues in a healthy and informed manner can significantly improve employee engagement and productivity.
  • Decreased Absenteeism: Numerous personal and workplace-related reasons require employees to take leave. By resolving employee conflicts and issues, either inside or outside of the workplace, EAP services can decrease workplace absenteeism.
  • Greater Employee Retention: EAP services show employees that their employer is concerned for their well-being and is invested in their personal and professional successes. Additionally, resolving workplace and personal hurdles allows employees to acquire better work-life balance. Lastly, reducing workplace conflicts improves employee engagement and their overall experience at the company.
  • Better Overall Health: Mental and physical health benefits provided by an EAP can improve employee health. Better health ripples out into all aspects of an employee’s life and can provide them with greater positivity and motivation to complete their best work.


EAPs are a great addition to a company. The programs help create compassionate, social, supportive, and engaging work environments, while also building trust and loyalty among employees towards their company. Thus, resulting in greater efficiency, increased productivity, higher retention and engagement, and decreased absenteeism. As the battle to secure talent in a job seeker’s market continues to heat up, implementing competitive benefits such as EAPs are a great way to entice job applicants and candidates to consider working for a particular company.

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