Digital Lending and Savings Platform

Digital lending & savings app uses big data, predictive analytics, and machine learning to democratize credit lending for underserved populations.

AI-Powered Digital Credit App

Big Data and AI-powered app processes real-time data for speedy loan applications and enhanced financial management for risk assessment.

SMEs with ML-Driven Online Platform

Machine learning model matches SMEs to relevant opportunities with buyers, sellers, talent, and funding through online networking platform.

Automated Customer Loyalty Data

Automating customer loyalty data using machine learning results in improved accuracy, customer retention, and revenue for U.S. retailer.

Upskilling Platform with AI-Matching Model

Global upskilling platform pairs emerging professionals with quality instructors using AI models and blockchain technology for self-paced, interactive learning paths.

Cutting-Edge Learning Management System

A content-agnostic learning management system leverages AI, multimedia elements and integrated educational technologies for personalized, self-paced learning.

Cloud-Based Video Content Processing

Cloud computing processes large volumes of video content in real-time, enabling seamless delivery of high-quality streaming services for NBCUniversal’s Peacock Network.