Tips And Advice On Developing Your Website

These days, business development has become synonymous with digital marketing and online presence – two items that website development is intricately associated with. Your website is now a hub for your business. Leveraging smart CMS platforms, the best websites in the world create more traffic, convert visitors into customers, solve existing customer problems by integrating […]

What’s a DAO?

DAO Business structures typically involve a hierarchy of leaders who make decisions for the company. Recently, a new organizational structure has emerged: Decentralized autonomous organizations or DAOs. DAOs are an emerging method of handling an organization’s finances, which emphasizes democracy and utilizes blockchain technology. This article will offer a beginner’s introduction to the nature of […]

The Science Behind Deepfake Technology

Deepfake Technology

Recently Tom Cruise probably woke up to find trending videos of himself playing golf and performing magic tricks for TikTok that he has no recollection of ever recording. But, unlike a plot out of a Hollywood blockbuster where the main character struggles to remember their murky past, Tom Cruise never actually recorded these videos. 2 […]

Gartner’s Top Nine Tech Trends of 2021

Gartner's top tech trends 2021

A new year means new technology and advancements. With a seemingly endless amount of technology and innovations being created daily, it can be challenging for businesses to pinpoint which technologies are worth the investment. In 2020, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in immense disruption for organizations, influencing technology adoption and requiring agile strategies. […]

Natural Language Processing Explained


Computers were invented to interact with humans. These machines have always functioned by receiving commands from a user and performing a task accordingly. In the past, those tasks were relayed through code, or in the case of the earliest computers back in the 1970s, a punch card. But times change, and as technology advances, so […]