Get to Know Google Analytics 4

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What You Need to Know about Google Analytics 4
In October 2021, Google announced the latest iteration of its analytics platform. Dubbed Google Analytics 4 or GA4, this new data analytics and user behavior prediction platform came with a slew of features. The world had already started to move towards a sessionless, cookieless future, and with the introduction of privacy laws like GDPR, the […]
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A misperception of implementing machine learning is that it's only for big brands with budgets that allow for experimentation. However, that's not the case.
Earlier this month, John Giannandrea, Apple’s head of artificial intelligence (AI), gave insight into how Apple is leveraging machine learning (ML) within their iOS and the future of machine learning at Apple. Anything from language translation to only sorting photos on your phone into pre-made galleries is made possible with machine learning. These various types of machine […]
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Artificial intelligence
In the entertainment industry, artificial intelligence or AI is commonly associated with sci-fi movies featuring human-like robots that are bent on world domination. On the other hand, news articles often link artificial intelligence to replacing human jobs with all-knowing machines. Both of these are misconstrued concepts that give artificial intelligence a bad rap. In reality, […]
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