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Mobile App Development Process

Mobile App Development
Mobile apps are everywhere. From retail, healthcare, finance, transportation, and even industrial engineering – industries across the board are focusing on creating a mobile presence. As a result, mobile app…

Software Development Explained

Software Development
Even if you do not realize it, you probably interact with several pieces of software daily. This could be from checking apps on your smartphone, playing a computer game, using…

What Is Cryptocurrency?

https://youtu.be/MDHFxxTuPsc Satoshi Nakamoto’s 2008 whitepaper about a peer-to-peer, electronic cash system brought cryptocurrency into conversations. This system is known as Bitcoin. A few years later, interest in Bitcoin boomed, as…

All You Need to Know About Web3

https://youtu.be/z5M4y5Ybe5k The buzz around cryptocurrencies and NFTs have resurfaced another blockchain-based buzzword­–Web3. But what is Web3? Web3 is a vision for a new version of the internet. One that is…

Quantilus Innovation Inc. Receives its First Review on Clutch

Quantilus Clutch Profile
Since 2008, Quantilus has been dedicated to helping companies elevate their technologies. We are a team of experienced developers and designers who utilize technology to transform the way businesses operate.…

What is Open Source Software?

Open Source Software
Globally, Android operating software is used in the majority of today’s smartphones, even beating out Apple’s iOS. One of Android’s biggest benefits is the operating software’s capability for in-depth customization.…

11 Cybersecurity Tips for Remote Employees

Cybersecurity for remote employees
Since 2020, the global pandemic has forced organizations to adopt a remote-work model. Accordingly, going remote has shifted how people work. Unfortunately, remote work creates fertile grounds for cyberattacks. Sophisticated…

Checklist for Developing a Mobile App

Mobile App Development
“There’s an app for that,” was coined by Apple back in 2009. That same year, there were a mere 100,000 apps available on the Apple Store and 2,300 apps on…

Understanding Gamification

Gamification has changed business in terms of engagement, product advertising, and employee motivation. Creative, unique gamification techniques in various industries have resulted in greater adoption across the board. With a…

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