Cybersecurity Update September 2020: What You Should Know


Quantilus Innovation continually monitors cybersecurity news and developments that could impact companies like ours—and yours. Our team has compiled useful information and resources below to grow awareness of potential threats and prevent any compromise to system. To read our previous cybersecurity roundup, click here.

With the upcoming school year and millions of young students logging into digital classrooms for the first time, cyber safety is more important than ever. On top of which, we are continuing to see widescale cyber crimes against businesses of all sizes. From data breaches against trending companies such as TikTok, to phishing emails sent to personal emails, cybercriminals are targeting all levels of the digital ecosystem at staggering rates. Below you will discover the latest news in internet safety and cybersecurity concerns, including eCommerce scams, phishing sites, bribery, and data scraping:

1. Microsoft announces 5 ways the pandemic has altered the future of cybersecurity.

2. Data breaches were up 273% in the first quarter of 2020. Find out how companies are losing billions to cybercrimes.

3. More than 235 Million TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube accounts exposed due to a massive data breach.

4. Just how many new cybersecurity threats arise every 60 seconds? (Hint, it’s more than you might think.)

5. Alert from US Officials claims hackers tied to the North Korean government are stealing hundreds of millions from banks across the world.

6. With the classrooms starting virtually across the globe, explore some internet and tech tips to keep students safe.

7. What do those mysterious seed packages and free amazon deliveries have in common? They are both considered ‘brushing’ scams.

8. U.S. Coronavius scams have officially topped the $100 million in fraud. Find out the most commonly used tactics and what states are targeted most.

9. How a Russian hacker gang targeted Tesla using malware and finding an inside employee.

10. Hackers with manners? Hackers now offer victims payment discounts, customer services, and more.

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