BizLog: Reverse Logistics Platform​​

We built India’s first reverse logistics, circular economy supporting solution to recapture value and end a product’s lifecycle.

  • Bizlog is a India-based, technology enabled Reverse Logistics company, with presence in over 70 locations.
  • As Bizlog’s development partner, we were involved in Reverse Logistics application – a unique, end-to-end tech-enabled logistics solution for the most painful area of operations which has been a nightmare for all supply chain professionals.
  • This application is a first time in the history of India, covering most of the verticals and multiple business models; be it manufacturing or distribution or retailer or service center, with ML-powered data & predictive analytics.
  • This application is curated to solve multiple logistics issues at the door step of the consumer as well as provide L1 service for all verticals at door step.

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