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In response to the crippling disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Quantilus Innovation partnered with a consortium of business owners and event organizers to develop Showmetry, a virtual tradeshow platform for B2B and B2C events. Existing virtual event platforms were not suitable or financially accessible to the small–to-medium-businesses that rely on tradeshows and conferences to meet buyers and sell product or services. These companies needed a better option—one tailor-made to their unique requirements.

Our Approach

With Showmetry, our team saw possibilities to transform the future of tradeshows and conferences with technology. One where geography is not a barrier. A virtual show immediately expands the reach of the audience with or without a live physical event. Our team realized an immense opportunity in the short-term to offer business continuity during an uncertain time while in the long-term affording the ability to expand the footprint of a tradeshow or conference, even during times of stability. Moving forward, we envision giving show organizers the flexibility to host virtual shows independently or in tandem with a live physical event.

Our approach rest on understanding what organizers, speakers, and attendees need to accomplish at B2B and B2C tradeshows. With this starting point, our team could then translate the goals into an interactive experience.

To offer a truly effective virtual experience Showmetry needed to:

Show Organizers

  • Allow for free or paid access to show
  • Generate revenue through sales of sponsorships, booths, or ads
  • Facilitate communications among industry professionals and/or consumers
  • Offer learning opportunities via seminars or presentations
  • Customize the look-and-feel and content of the virtual show
  • Manage exhibitors and speakers
  • Access data and analytics


  • Connect and meet with both new and existing customers
  • Network with industry professionals
  • Showcase and/or sell products or services
  • Host live, promotional events
  • Cultivate lead acquisition
  • Provide exclusive offers and giveaways
  • Monitor analytics for traffic and engagement
  • Access and control over virtual booth activities


  • Network with industry professionals
  • Learn through seminars or presentations
  • Connect and/or meet with vendors or suppliers
  • Access samples or exclusive show offers
  • Buy product or services
The Solution

Showmetry is a dynamic, scalable, and performance-driven platform that is built to be flexible and budget-friendly to meet the unique needs of show organizers. Critical to achieving this goal is the user-friendly, content management system (CMS) that allows for customization and an efficient publishing workflow for show organizers, exhibitors, and speakers. The platform empowers each group to take ownership of the content, presentation, and marketing of their brands.

To offer a truly effective virtual experience Showmetry needed to:

Show Organizers

  • Dedicated admin portal for show staff
  • Customize show details, branding, color palette, and imagery
  • Ability to define taxonomy for exhibits
  • Setup exhibitor levels by access features
  • Schedule all seminars and presentations
  • Numerous sponsorship opportunities across the show experience
  • Control where ads appear across the site
  • Option to enable e-commerce for ticket sales and sales of exhibitor products
  • Enable incentives to encourage networking and engagement
  • Access and download real-time data and analytics reports


  • Dedicated, user-friendly portal for exhibitors
  • Flexible, customizable branded booth pages
  • Live camera feed or embedded video options
  • Social media feed integration
  • Live video chats or messaging chats with booth guests
  • Private chat scheduling feature for 1-on-1 meetings
  • Network and connect with show attendees and vendors
  • Cross-promotion of booth events and class sessions
  • Downloadables and email newsletter signup
  • Ability to activate special show offers
  • Schedule pop-ups to promote giveaways across show site
  • Product showcase and dedicated pages with image and video gallery
  • Exposure on show landing and in relevant show categories
  • Analytics dashboard to track visits, engagement, leads, and more


  • Dedicated, user-friendly portal
  • Customize session page with headshot, bio, session details, downloads
  • Attendee registration and email communications for all sessions
  • Multiple presenter features
  • Launch live stream for a presentation from the portal
  • Live chat messaging with audience
  • Private chat scheduling for 1-on-1 meetings
  • Archive of video on show site for replays
  • Cross-promotions related booth, events, or presentations
  • Access and download real-time data and analytic reports


  • Account registration allows for an enhanced experience
  • Network and connect with show attendees and vendors
  • Browse exhibitor booths virtually
  • Watch live stream educational sessions
  • Chat by video with exhibitors, speakers, or other attendees
  • Chat via messaging with exhibitors, speakers, or other attendees
  • Enter giveaways sponsored by exhibitors
  • Access special offers
  • Buy products and ship directly to home or office

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