Media Source, Inc.

Digital Transformation

Media Source, Inc.

Digital Transformation


Reaching more than 30 million students, Media Source, Inc is a platform providing independent reading and information services to K-12 professionals and library leaders in the United States. A longstanding client, Media Source tasked Quantilus to lead the digital transformation of their Library Journal, School Library Journal, Hornbook, and Junior Library Guild properties. The project focused on creating a content management system, redesigning a website, and revamping an eCommerce website.


  • Transform the digital footprint for Library Journal, School Library Journal, and Horn Book to optimize the user experience and maximize revenue potential

  • Modernize the website properties and stabilize order processing and synchronization with ERP

  • Migrate WordPress CMS to Java-based system

  • Revamp eCommerce processes and experience to support complex backend integrations and a seamless, user-friendly frontend customer experience


Quantilus built a robust content management and digital asset system (CMS) with multiple internal and external integration points. Using the newly created CMS, content is now published to a redesigned web and mobile front-end experience for users.

Quantilus also completely revamped the eCommerce website for Junior Library Guild, a custom book subscription service for school and public libraries that delivers highly targeted content, based on visitor characteristics and behavioral analytics.

In addition to redesigning the web and mobile front-end experience and improving metadata, Quantilus built a robust, eCommerce platform with multiple integration points using Enterprise Service Bus to manage all information exchanges and logical business transactions across content, CRM, ERP, supply chain and the customer-facing website. The new technology platform supported new products and revenue opportunities as well as optimized marketing channels and customer communications and service.

Technology Stack

  • Amazon Web Services

  • Hippo CMS

  • Magento

  • Microsoft Dynamics

  • MongoDB

  • MuleSoft

  • Power BI

  • SAP Business One

  • TruAuthor


  • Solutions Architecture

  • Warehouse Systems Optimization

  • Cloud Infrastructure

  • Data Integration & Management

  • Content Management System

  • ERP Integration

  • Workflow Process

  • Business Intelligence

  • Website Development

  • eCommerce

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