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Project Description

Pearson System of Courses for Early Learners – Electronic Content for K-1 Students

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The Purpose

Pearson’s System of Courses is an app and content platform that has been created to modernize the learning process in K-12 classrooms. The Early Learner app is specially designed for children in Kindergarten and Grade 1, with the expectation that some of them may not be able to read. The app had to be designed and built so the children could visually navigate through the complex features, while keeping the content itself engaging and interesting.

The Early Learner app is graphically heavy to keep it engaging for younger children. All navigation is also visual in nature.

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The Tech

The app is multi-platform – it is currently supported on iOS and Windows platforms. It was initially developed as a cross-platform HTML5/Javascript web app and ported to iOS, Windows, Android and ChromeOS platforms. It was subsequently rebuilt using Xamarin and deployed on iOS and Windows. The backend is on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform.

The Login Challenge

The app presented a unique UX challenge – we had to devise a way for students to login without requiring them to enter a username and password, even though the app was required to authenticate users against a School Information System on the backend. We devised and built a visual login system where students had to create and match patterns that they pre-defined, and mapped these against the actual usernames and passwords.