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Project Description

Pearson System of Courses – Revolutionizing Technology in K-12 Classrooms

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The Purpose

Pearson’s System of Courses is an app and content platform that has been created to modernize the learning process in K-12 classrooms. It facilitates the delivery of┬ácurate content in the form of interactive games, animations, ebooks and videos to student tablet or laptop devices. It also allows students to work on their assignments, collaborate with each other, and take assessments. Teachers can review student progress and provide personalized feedback.

Rich content in the form of interactive games, animations, ebooks and videos is delivered to students on their devices. The app can entirely replace textbooks and notebooks in the classroom.

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The Tech

The app is multi-platform – it is currently supported on iOS and Windows platforms. It was initially developed as a cross-platform HTML5/Javascript web app and ported to iOS, Windows, Android and ChromeOS platforms. It was subsequently rebuilt using Xamarin and deployed on iOS and Windows. The backend is on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform.

The Network Challenge

Most schools have poor wifi connectivity, so introducing an app that would simultaneously transfer data-heavy content to and from 25+ student devices in each classroom posed a significant adoption challenge. Quantilus invented the Classroom Area Network (CAN) device to address this issue. The CAN provides a local server and wifi network for each classroom and is itself synchronized with our servers through a wired connection.