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Project Description

My Air Force Life – Social Mobile App for Air Force Personnel and Families

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The Purpose

My Air Force Life is a mobile app that was built by the US Air Force to support personnel and their families in bases around the world. It is an important resource that provides information and social connections on events and facilities in and around the bases, letting families easily adjust to their locations. The app is available on iOS and Android platforms, and also has a rich companion website.

The My Air Force Life app allows Air Force personnel and their families to socially adjust to life in new bases by giving them a rich information source of people, events and businesses.

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The Tech

The app was initially written in HTML5, and ported to iOS and Android using Cordova PhoneGap. However, this caused a number of usability and performance issues over time, primarily because of the instability of PhoneGap, and the problem with keeping the third party libraries up to date. We were able to rewrite large portions of the app using native code for iOS and Android – thereby significantly improving usability and performance. We also supported the Air Force team in deploying the app to multiple app stores.