Hire Software Teams the
Stress-Free Way

If you’re reading this, you’re likely facing challenges securing software development talent in the United States. You’re considering offshoring but don’t know where to start. Here’s where Quantilus can help. We’re a New York-based software development firm with teams, infrastructure, and resources in India. It’s simple…leverage our offshore expertise and resources so you can spend your energy getting your product to market.

  • Recruitment Services

    We find the talent so you don't have to. Our recruiters source and screen based on the job requirements.

  • 100% Control

    Manage the talent directly as you would your in-house team. Reduce and scale the team as needed.

  • Speed-to-Hire

    No more long, drawn out hiring process. We'll build a team within 2 weeks so you can focus on meeting the software release date.

  • Cost-Savings

    Saving money is a primary reason clients choose to offshore. Expect to save 40% to 60% in salary and overhead costs.

  • Quality Talent

    India boasts a well-educated and highly trained technical talent pool known for quality of product and greater throughput.

  • Risk-Free

    Enjoy a two-week trial period. If the talent doesn't work out we'll secure new staff or refund your costs.


Want to Learn More? 

Let's schedule some time to chat and we can share how offshore teams can work for you. 


How It Works

What We Take Off Your Plate

Get help navigating business regulations, taxes, licenses and other setup formalities in a new country. Eliminate an expensive and time-consuming ramp-up period to set up an offshore office location. Delegate HR and back-office tasks such as payroll, benefits, and other compliance policies. Avoid the currency fluctuations and exchange rates through the budgeting and setup process. Maintain staffing and quality levels, reducing project delays and costly turnover issues.

The Ultimate Win-Win

If you wish to maintain offshore technical staff after a year, then leverage the option to hire the talent and take over personnel administration directly. As a result, the talent that you’ve come to rely upon will become employees of your company. Additionally, we will transition the office space lease, and any infrastructure set up to your company. Under a separate agreement, the Quantilus team can be made available to oversee recruitment.


Most of our projects focus on these software technologies, however, our recruitment capabilities allow us the flexibility to source and secure talent across a broad spectrum based on your needs.

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Let us take on the stress of building your team of offshore developers.
Leverage our offshore expertise and resources so you can spend your energy getting your product to market.