Vulnerability Scanning Tips and Best Practices

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Vulnerability Scanning
Vulnerability scanning is a method of discovering weaknesses, security openings, and unreliable access passages in computers and networks. While vulnerability scanning is generally centered on web frameworks, firewall frameworks within secure interior systems can also be scanned. Vulnerability scanning is an automated process utilizing unique instruments to assess the security assurance status of system resources. […]
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QR Code Uses
As smartphones exploded in popularity during the early 2010s, QR codes began cropping up everywhere. Consumers finally had a means of interacting and accessing the black and white squares by downloading an app on their phone to scan the codes. Companies of all sizes and industries jumped to use QR codes in marketing campaigns, but […]
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Blockchain is both private and secure at the same time. That may seem like an oxymoron, but it’s quite attainable. That’s why blockchain is the technology of the future. Many are looking toward tomorrow in the hopes that this technology will continue to spread, becoming the norm for financial transactions. But how are blockchain services […]
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