Get to Know Google Analytics 4

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What You Need to Know about Google Analytics 4
In October 2021, Google announced the latest iteration of its analytics platform. Dubbed Google Analytics 4 or GA4, this new data analytics and user behavior prediction platform came with a slew of features. The world had already started to move towards a sessionless, cookieless future, and with the introduction of privacy laws like GDPR, the […]
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Team Meeting.
Written by Debarshi Chaudury, the CEO and Founder of Quantilus Innovation Inc., as part of the Forbes Technology Council. Click here to see the original post. Innovation is a term intertwined with a business’s ability to move forward, grow and adapt. However, while every company can acknowledge the need for innovation, actually defining and implementing […]
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We are tremendously excited to announce the launch of InnerView – the Definitive Podcast driving thought leadership in the recruitment and staffing industry. InnerView is a collaboration between the teams at Quantilus, eNamix (, and Appliqant ( You can check out the latest episodes of the podcast and subscribe at: To listen and subscribe […]
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