Human Centric Computing: Quantilus and SAP Service Oriented Architecture

SAP has invested considerable resources building service oriented architecture (SOA) tools into its product line.

Developing suitable user-facing front ends and connecting them to enterprise services is a critical step that SAP customers have to complete before they can unlock all the power of enterprise software.

Licensable solutions like those developed by Quantilus are important because we offer SAP customers the dual benefit of decreased time to market along with savings during the development process.

And the savings are significant. Forrester Research estimates that up to 35 percent of development time and 30 percent of development cost is spent creating interfaces and points of integration for applications and data sources.

The Problem:

Enterprise Application Integration is a complicated undertaking that often results in failure.  It requires, first, a thorough understanding of the individual applications being integrated. It also requires an expansive awareness of the methods available to interconnect them.

The Solution:

Successful end-to-end service integration requires experienced developers. They must be guided by a coherent design philosophy. It is important to focus on human-centered solutions that reflect established patterns of service integration.

The Quantilus Philosophy

At Quantilus, we use human-centered design to develop user-facing products in order to deliver end-to-end service that is flexible, resilient and powerful. This design strategy brings technology to life by effectively connecting human-centered design with enterprise application integration.

  • Successful integration demands a coherent design philosophy.
  • Designing for user needs is critical. 
  • Platform agnostic solutions are the only way to reliably meet user needs.
  • A proven SAP compatible set of solution accelerators is available. 
  • This set of solutions is platform agnostic, scalable, extensible, and licensable. 

Our approach is a design philosophy that is demonstrates an evolving set of solution accelerators for SAP customers. These include successful implementations of leading edge applications in the emerging areas of augmented reality (with our Visual Showroom app); wearable technology (with our GoToWork Wearables app), and with our newest product (beta release August, 2014), GoToWorkHR, a full end-to-end suite of HR tools for use on the iPhone.

SAP Implementation and Integration

We combine deep business and technical expertise with the power of SAP the market leader in enterprise application software solutions, to deliver sustained value.

Improve financial management, efficiency, and productivity with streamlined business processes that are out-of-the-box, in one integrated solution.

Our methodology is based on meeting the following basic goals in all of our projects:

  • Simplify business processes to improve enterprise efficiency
  • Provide technology that is responsive to changing business needs
  • Enable easy development and maintenance of applications
  • Safeguard the integrity of the information
  • Improve supply chain relationships
  • Improve customer relationships
  • Keep legacy applications alive
  • Reduce time to market

We offer consulting services for the implementation and optimization of:

  • Rapid-Deployment Solutions (RDS)
  • SAP Managed Cloud as a Service (MCaaS)
  • Systems Integration, Hosting, Cloud and Apps Management Services
  • ERP Industry Solutions Template
  • Finance and Control (FICO)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Human Capital Management (HCM)
  • Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)
  • Mobility Solutions
  • Business Intelligence Solutions
  • Gateway Solutions
  • HANA Solutions
  • Upgrade Toolkit
  • Full Breadth of Business and Technology Consulting

We engage with SAP across a full spectrum of businesses and industries, including:

  • Retail and Consumer Products
  • High Tech
  • Professional Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Publishing, Media and Education
  • Manufacturing

SAP Managed Services

Quantilus SAP Managed Services offers a solution to keep your SAP components running while in-house IT resources work to deliver core business functions.

  • Flexible options allow you to customize services to meet budget and process requirements.
  • Quantilus provides a predictable consumption model.
  • You receive the benefits of a full enterprise solution without resource or technology constraints.
  • Quantilus delivers to Service Level Agreements using robust measurements and expert staff.
  • Fast, reliable support through on-demand service solutions reduces costs.

SAP Solution Delivery Excellence & Leadership

Quantilus SAP enterprise solutions help companies: create distinctive capabilities, simplify complex processes and establish a unique formula for success.

We understand that organizations require efficient management processes to translate business objectives into realities, so that it is crucial to choose a partner who has both industry experience and technical expertise in the entire spectrum of available technologies.

Consider this the first step in a new conversation with a company that wants to succeed by serving you.

SAP HANA Services

SAP HANA is transformative in-memory computing technology that offers up to 10,000 times faster analytics than traditional tools. SAP HANA provides the capability to handle large volumes of data with incredible speed, enabling transformative applications that are nimble and responsive to increasing demands for real-time, granular and actionable information. The enterprise use cases for SAP HANA can be found in all aspects of a business - it can dramatically improve planning, forecasting, trend analysis and business processes.

Installation and Modeling

  • Installation, configuration, and provisioning – in your data center, on SAP HANA cloud, or on a third party cloud platform.
  • Modeling and optimization – we will set up SAP HANA for you, create the models and optimize for performance.

Data Integration

  • Data strategy and governance – where is your data coming from, how is it collected, how should it be stored and protected?
  • Data services, data quality – dirty data gives false results, and that is the worst case scenario for management. We provide strategy and services for getting clean data.
  • Data migration – pull data from multiple repositories into SAP HANA.


  • Visualization and design – our UX and design teams create beautiful visualizations for the reports that lay out data in the most effective way.
  • Mobile development – we can build reports to run on iOS, Android, Win 8, and ChromeOS platforms, bringing SAP HANA reports to all your users.
  • Dashboards and Tookits – we can build custom dashboards for specific use cases, or generic toolkits to let users build their own reports.

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