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Quantilus is helping publishing companies make the leap as the publishing world moves from paper-based to digital-only content. Quantilus provides end-to-end Publishing solutions –streamlining the author-editor workflows, designing content models/taxonomy, configuring and implementing CMS solutions, authoring and editorial systems.

Are your CMS investments looking like a black hole? Is the automated workflow system you just implemented turning into an impediment to your production process? Are you struggling to put structured authoring and editorial systems in place? Is your offshore editorial and production process costing way too much and resulting in too many errors? We have solved these problems many times over – give us a call and we will do it for you.

This page has live examples of how we have used creative scientific solutions to improve the publishing process – an HTML authoring tool to load and edit large amounts of content in chunks, and a Language Processing System that can bring automation to the editorial process.

End-to-end Publishing Technology

Quantilus provides end-to-end Publishing technology solutions - streamlining the process that starts with the author and ends with the print or digital output. We have designed tools and processes to:

  • Improve the speed and efficiency of the author-editor cycles, with sophisticated authoring tools and intelligent editorial automation systems.
  • Prepare content for distribution across multiple channels, make it searchable, taggable and generally more sellable – by designing content models, adhering to industry tagging standards and incorporating taxonomy systems for classification.
  • Increase the quality and efficacy of the production process through the implementation of CMS solutions, workflow systems, and comprehensive process level reporting.
  • Reduce the costs of production by implementing auto-pagination and composition systems.

The live examples on this page demonstrate some of our capabilities in this area.

Authoring Tool

Quantilus experts assess XML based authoring tools and recommend tools most suitable for a client’s process and content type. Our teams interface between authoring tools vendors and business users to develop any customizations required for the optimal solution. We integrate Authoring Tools with Content Management systems to provide a seamless experience to the authors/editors.

The example here is a WYSIWYG editor to author and edit large content objects (over 200 pages) inline in a browser. It allows you to plug in any URL which will then convert HTML elements to editor instances. Features include structural editing, creation of lists, insertion and deletion of rows in tables, rich text editing, formatting and aligning text, editing backgrounds and styles, etc. The tool is modeled around a tree structure, which allows you to expand or collapse nodes as desired. Both the tree structure and the actual page can be viewed side by side, with a one to one correspondence.

Once the editing is complete, the page can be saved and the changes can be viewed instantaneously on your web page. The saved page can be downloaded as well. Explore these features and more by clicking on the live demo and using the sample links provided.

Editorial Tool

What started out as a tool for categorization has now evolved into a more comprehensive tool that can automate many editorial functions, and extract metadata to boot.

Using advanced concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, we have designed a model that has been trained to point out stylistic errors in content that might miss the human eye. The tool also performs entity extraction - giving you names of people, organizations, places, relevant dates, etc. contained in the content – everything you need to tag the content meaningfully. Want quick facts and statistics about your text? This tool gives you that as well.

Try the live demo (upload a file, input a URL, or just paste in some text) and see everything that this near-perfect, lightweight app is capable of achieving!

CMS and Content QA Systems

Quantilus has implemented Documentum CMS solutions for leading publishing industry clients. Our Documentum projects primarily focus on implementing easy-to-use front-ends for users and vendors, replacing the clunky native Webtop/Damtop interface.

Additionally, we have done multiple projects involving the integration of the CMS with XML QA services (XML rules validation, XML rendering) for book and journal content.

The example here is a full-fledged CMS – developed using the power of the cloud. It cost us peanuts to build, and has all the features of a typical publishing industry CMS solution.

Taxonomy Software

Quantilus has developed proprietary out-of-the-box tools for content classification and findability that integrate closely with content management systems. Our tools allow customers to quickly create a working ontology and evolve the ontology without affecting the application. Customers can organize and navigate information in a topic- or subject-oriented manner, allowing a much better focus on domain information and enabling advanced information presentation and filtering.

Auto Pagination Systems

Quantilus experts assess pagination tools and help customers select the optimal tool for their content set. We implement auto pagination tools and help composition experts set up templates and rules to streamline processing. Quantilus CMS teams integrate auto-pagination systems with content workflows, providing laid out pages at appropriate stages of the publishing process.

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