Who we are

At Quantilus, we are professionals with exceptional credentials. Make our experience yours.

Advanced educational qualifications

Engineers, MBAs, PhDs

Expertise in methodologies/processes

RUP, Six Sigma, CMM, etc

Professional certifications

PMI, IBM/Rational, MCSE, etc

Expertise in applications/technology platforms

ERP/CRM systems, .Net, Java, Documentum, Oracle, etc

Experience in industry verticals

Publishing, finance, entertainment, homebuilding, travel, pharmaceutical

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We know the value of an experienced, well-trained workforce—so we’re continually investing in our consultants’ knowledge and skills.

The ongoing training program at Quantilus creates a network of shared knowledge, ensuring each candidate is adept in cutting-edge programs and has the support they need to be leaders in their craft. Interdisciplinary teams work and learn together to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and skills in their field.

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115 Broadway #1202

New York, NY 10006

(212) 768-8900

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