Talent tailored to your needs

Whether you require a team of specialized programmers, want to hand off the task of recruiting, or are interested in moving operations offshore, Quantilus has you covered.

Staff augmentation

Emerging technologies and evolving industries mean business needs are constantly in flux. Our staff augmentation experts can help you master the art of workforce optimization—leveraging the skills of your current employees and filling in the gaps with the right skilled professionals. Gain flexibility in project planning, execution, and budgeting with our qualified contingent staff and vendors.

If you love their work, let’s talk about permanent placement. We understand the desire to retain top talent.

Ask about our temp-to-hire program and hang on to those essential team members.

Taking your operations offsite or offshore

Relocating business operations may be the right decision for your company. However, if you’re not versed in local culture, wage rates, rents, negotiation practices, etc, the process can become time consuming and costly. We can help. Our offsite/offshore business setup services include:

* Infrastructure. Facilities, network setup, hardware acquisition and installation

* Paperwork. Required permits and licenses

* Finance and accounting. Relationships with local financial institutions, local accounting, and back-office services

* Recruitment. Recruit and retain personnel at all management and staff levels

Case study: Banking

A global Fortune 500 bank wanted to move IT operations out of New York City, where rents, salaries, and taxes are significantly higher. Quantilus identified cost-effective locations, recruited local talent, and managed the transition. We currently oversee the bank’s team of more than 100 professionals.

Download the full report for more details.

Hiring, transitioning, and planning ahead

Depending on the type of work you need or where you need it, outsourcing the recruiting effort may be the most efficient option. Quantilus fills permanent positions for skill sets that are hard to find across job categories and geographies. See what skills we specialize in and the industries our expertise has served. If you’re not sure of what you need, just ask. If you’re already working with our consultants on a short-term basis, you have the option to convert them to permanent employees. Contact us to learn how.

Team deployment

Quantilus recognizes the strategic advantages of consolidating operations. Transitioning teams from one vendor to another often makes sense from a financial and organizational perspective, and gives you the benefits of engaging with fewer, more qualified suppliers.

Workforce transitioning

Your company has a brilliant idea for an app, or an important client has asked for a special project you want to say yes to—but you simply don’t have people with the skills or time needed to complete the task. That’s where we come in. Quantilus can deploy complete teams to build and manage individual projects, or stay with you on an ongoing basis, depending on your company’s needs. We have extensive experience providing small, mid-sized, and large team installations and transitions.

* Centralized, efficient sourcing activities

* No variances in contracts or vast disparities in fees

* Limited candidate ownership questions (less co-employment risk)

* Consistent deliverables

Quantilus will assume management responsibility and become the employer of record for a consultant or team of consultants previously on-boarded by another vendor. We work to ensure employees and clients experience a smooth handoff with no interruption to services.

Resiliency planning

Remaining agile in response to the changing needs of your organization, including growth, budget modifications, and economic climates, is key to staying profitable and competitive. Quantilus can support your efforts by providing flexible and scalable services with pre-contexts for ramping up or down to align with the shifting demands of your business. Our resiliency planning is automatically enabled during a work outage, environmental issue, talent shortage (skill set or geographic), or other unforeseen events.

Project and program management

Effective project management demands an understanding of technical details, team management skills, ability to coordinate with vendors, and more. Quantilus offers full-service project and program management, from management consulting and IT services to systems integration and implementation. Through years of experience working with clients and vendors, we can guide your project from feasibility study to implementation and, if necessary, through ongoing evaluation and maintenance. We will provide the right individuals to see your project through, and help identify, install, and support the systems you need.

Read about our experience here.

Recruitment process outsourcing

Time is a resource you can’t afford to waste—looking for resources. Though some clients need help from time to time filling specific positions, you may want to lift the recruitment burden entirely. Quantilus offers recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) using proven technology, methodologies, and reporting, so you can focus on more important business goals.

In our RPO, we’ll take over managing part or all of your recruiting functions for contingent labor and/or direct hires. RPO with Quantilus offers quantifiable benefits through lower overhead, reduced payroll and benefit expenses, and fewer capital investments.

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